Dharma Sangha Successors’ Meeting

Baker Roshi’s six dharma successors currently active in the Dharma Sangha, both in Europe and the U.S., met in Germany at the Black Forest Zen Buddhist Center (aka “Johanneshof”) to discuss matters pertaining to the continuation of the Dharma Sangha lineage. It was the first time this group met in person. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for July 2020.

In the picture, from left to right: Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi, Yoseki David Beck Roshi, Tatsudo Nicole Baden Sensei, Zenki Christian Dillo Roshi, Shosan Gerald Weischede Roshi, Ryuten Paul Rosenblum Roshi, and Ikyo Ottmar Engel Roshi.

Baker Roshi continues to split his time between Crestone, Colorado and the Black Forest, Germany. He is retired from formal teaching. However, he continues to meet informally with senior students.

Zenki Dillo Roshi is the Resident Teacher at Crestone Mountain Zen Center and the Guiding Teacher at the Boulder Zen Center.

Ryuten Rosenblum Roshi, Ikyo Engel Roshi, and Tatsudo Baden Sensei are co-leading the residential practice at Johanneshof and offer programs in various cities in Germany and in Vienna, Austria. Shosan Weischede Roshi and Yoseki Beck Roshi lead lay Sanghas in Göttingen, Germany and Basel, Switzerland.