After the Energy Audit… Next Steps

In January 2017, we completed a campus-wide energy assessment followed by a fuel conversion analysis in July. Both studies were funded entirely from Sangha contributions. Thank you donors!

We now have a model of energy consumption, efficiency potentials, and fuel conversion ideas for each of our 12 buildings.

The data tells us it’s possible to reduce direct campus emissions from heating and domestic hot water to below 10% of current levels.

The goal is to become a net zero carbon campus by 2020.



Currently, the basic roadmap is:

  1. Implement the efficiency measures suggested by the energy assessment.
  2. Generate a schematic plan to convert all propane heaters and boilers to renewable energy.
  3. Construct renewable energy systems on campus such as solar electric, solar thermal, and if plausible, geothermal.
  4. Determine the feasibility of switching to electric cars (at least one to be used for most trips).
  5. Use carbon offset programs to address residual direct and indirect carbon emissions.
  6. Continue to explore energy efficiency potentials throughout the campus.

We hope to complete our first round of energy efficiency measures by April 2018.