Sitting Together, Sitting Alone

Online Participation in the Crestone Mountain Zen Center Sesshin

Welcome to the first ever online Sesshin at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center! We look forward to continuing the experiment of practicing together and alone with you in the upcoming online Rohatsu Sesshin. Below are some suggestions that we hope will contribute to a smooth and powerful experience using the online medium for this practice.


Ways to Support and Deepen your Online Practice Experience

  • Arrange your space: If possible, designate a space just for practice for the duration of the Sesshin. Clean the space, set up your sitting cushions, and if you would like, set up an altar. If you plan to do kinhin (walking meditation) with us, consider ahead of time where you will do this.
  • Minimize distractions: To the extent your commitment to the online Sesshin schedule allows, abstain from cell-phone/device use, as well as other distractions such as TV, reading, and communicating with friends and family. Maintaining silence for the duration of Sesshin may help you settle into your practice.
  • Prepare meals in advance: Preparing meals in advance of the Sesshin may allow you to more easily stay within the timetable of the Sesshin.
  • Commit: Commit to a schedule of participation prior to the commencement of Sesshin.

Online Zendo Forms & Etiquette

Please join sittings a few minutes before the scheduled time.

You may bow to your cushion and then to the room prior to taking your seat, and bow when the bell rings to end zazen.


Please mute your microphone during chanting. Internet delays make it difficult to synchronize our voices together.

Download the chanting Service, Robe Chant, Meal Chant, and Teisho Chant in advance.


At CMZC, all three meals will be eaten in the oryoki form each day.  Follow along if you’d like.


If you are new to Zoom and need some tips on how to use the audio/video conferencing tool that will connect us for the online Sesshin, please contact us for tips and instruction.

Opening Circle

There will be a zoom meeting on the afternoon of November 30th for all online Sesshin participants to meet each other and the monastic residents, ask questions, and receive online orientation to Sesshin.