Summer Work Practice – Scholarships Available!

Come join the work practice during the Summer Group Retreat Season from mid-July through mid-September!

Take a look at the calendar and see what dates might work for you. Please contact our office for availability.

For a limited number of work trade scholarship positions (2-week minimum) participation is free of charge. Otherwise, the regular student rate of $25 per day applies.

During the Group Retreat Season, CMZC opens its facilities for external groups practicing meditation, yoga, dance, bodywork, writing, or psychotherapy. It’s one way we share our field of practice with the world.

One of the main offerings we share is our fine and inventive vegetarian cuisine. If you enjoy cooking or want to improve your cooking skills, and don’t mind three delicious meals a day, this may be the time of year for you to come and practice with us for one or two weeks. Other work areas include gardening, landscaping, maintenance work, and housekeeping.

Summer Work Practice is a great way to support the residents and contribute to the Center’s well-being as the Group Retreat Season is the main way CMZC supports itself financially.

We continue our daily practice schedule alongside hosting our guest groups during the summer retreat season. This includes daily morning and evening Zazen, as well as weekly dharma talks and dharma circles. Daily schedules vary according to guest group needs, and work periods are a bit longer to accommodate preparing three meals a day.