Taking the Precepts

From July 13-15, Crestone Mountain Zen Center hosted an Ordination Weekend. Marilyn Krill and Pete Byrne received the precepts in a Lay Initiation Ceremony with Zenki Dillo Roshi.

Before the ceremony, Zenki Roshi gave a dharma talk introducing the practice of the precepts to the assembly of Dharma Sangha practitioners and Marilyn and Peter’s family and friends who came for their support. (See the recording below.)

Marilyn Krill received the Buddhist name Kando Yurin (Perception Earth Subtle Relation). Marilyn started practicing with Zenki Roshi in 2011 when he began giving seminars in Crested Butte. She has been one of the pillars of the small meditation group there until she moved to Gunnison this year, where she lives with her husband. She now serves on the board of the Boulder Zen Center and actively supports the Zero Carbon initiative at Crestone Mountain Zen Center with her non-profit leadership skills.

Pete Byrne’s new Buddhist name is Soka Seito (Vital River Vow Penetrate). Pete lives in Longmont and has been a practitioner at the Boulder Zen Center since 2014. He regularly participates in the Boulder Dharma Weekends and Winter Practice Programs. He helps to make the weekly practice schedule work by opening the Boulder Zendo on Saturdays for Zazen before the weekly dharma talk.

The Sangha is grateful for Kando Marilyn and Soka Pete’s commitment to the Bodhisattva Path. We are looking forward to many years of shared Dharma and Sangha practice.

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