Work Week: The Sangha Takes Care!

Recently, we got the nicest compliment. A former CMZC resident, who left the Center 15 years ago, came to visit. She said the campus felt better than ever: the buildings, the grounds, the vegetable garden were all taken care of so well. This is the work of the Sangha! A never-ending response to the needs of our shared practice home.

The main event where this shared caretaking occurs is the annual Work Week.

Take a look at the slideshow above for an overview of this year’s projects.

  • Last year we started a multi-year project of replacing the front yard fence, 900 feet altogether. This year, we added 180 feet. It’s a very labor-intensive job: lots of digging and shoveling, setting the posts in a straight line, hauling the concrete across our rocky mountain side, uncurling and tying the fence material. It all got done within one week!
  • The new open space next to last year’s fence section was landscaped and planted.
  • We rebuilt one section of the stone wall that snakes through the campus. The next step here is to build benches that invite practitioners and guests to sit down together for a chat or to enjoy the expansive view of the San Luis Valley.
  • A daily crew of 5 people went around the Studio/Woodshop building and carefully sanded and repainted those parts that had deteriorated in the high-altitude sun.
  • A couple of specialty painters went around the Zendo and the other Japanese-syle practice buildings and repainted the white tails of rafters and deck boards.
  • Earlier, in February and March, we had remodeled the inside of the Studio Dormitory as part of our Zero Carbon Campus energy efficiency initiative. During this Work Week, we completed the renovation of the entryway porch, the finishing touch on a large project that significantly improves our guest accommodations.
  • And, as every year, the vegetable garden got planted.

We had 24 work practice participants this year. A big thank you to each and all of them!

We hope you can come and join us next year for this unique combination of practice, camaraderie, and delicious food from our Zen kitchen.