New Optional 3% Fee – Building the Zero Carbon Campus Together!

In looking for ways to finance and incrementally realize our Zero Carbon Campus Vision in the context of our wider ecological initiative, we decided to add a 3% fee to all of our Zen and Guest rates.

Unlike a tax that gets added to almost anything you buy (and that you don’t have to pay here at Crestone Mountain Zen Center), the fee is completely voluntary. We suggest it, but you can always opt out. We see it as an invitation for all of us to recognize how our modern lifestyle negatively impacts the local and global ecosystems we are embedded in and harms non-human and human beings alike.

Our new Zero Carbon Fee, as we call it, is a small way to take responsibility for our ecological footprint and do something about it.

The fee will help to fund the following aspects of the CMZC Zero Carbon Project over time:

  • energy efficiency measures such as smart thermostats, added insulation, new windows
  • fuel conversion from propane to renewables such as solar electric and solar thermal
  • construction of a photovoltaic solar array to meet 100% of campus-wide electricity needs
  • electric vehicle and charging station
  • purchasing local food products
  • low carbon footprint consumer goods
  • annual carbon offset payments for remaining carbon footprint

We hope you will embrace this small new contribution. 3% isn’t all that much. It adds only 75 cents per day to our $25 Zen student rate. If you stay as a guest in the Hillside Cabin for one weekend, it adds $11.40. For an 8-day Sesshin, you will add $2.10 per day or $17 to the whole Sesshin. However, all these small amounts add up and bring us one step closer to a zero carbon lifestyle.

With each 3% contribution, we can have the feeling that we’re doing something together as a Sangha … because we are!