Spanish Creek Backcountry Access Permit

In cooperation with the Access Fund, Crestone Mountain Zen Center is temporarily allowing access over private property along Spanish Creek to the Rio Grande National Forest and Sangre de Cristo Wilderness.

We do not allow guests to stay overnight in our parking lot, however you may find camping in the North Crestone Campground, or in the National Forest along the road to the Willow Creek Trailhead.

To obtain a Spanish Creek Backcountry Access Permit, complete the following form. After submitting the form, you will be emailed a copy of this agreement. Please print out the email and place it on the dashboard of your vehicle when visiting.

Please note: Crestone Mountain Zen Center will not notify Search and Rescue authorities if you are overdue on your return. Please coordinate your overdue preferences with your friends or family.

We hope you enjoy a safe trip in the backcountry!