Visit & Stay

In this video, our residents will show you around Crestone Mountain Zen Center. We hope we will meet you in person some day!

Living the Monastic Life

On this site, you will find information about the possibility of living at the Zen Center for a minimum of one year. Room and board will be covered and you will be a part of discovering and evolving this practice - as a way of discovering and evolving yourself.

Zen Practice

We offer monthly meditation weekends (Zazenkai), Practice Weeks, and Work Practice Weeks. Here, you will find details on all of our Zen Practice Programs.

Personal Retreats

A home away from home - We will provide everything you need to stay isolated from others in a beautiful setting.

Guest Events

We host a variety of events for teachers of disciplines that are complimentary to Zen practice, such as yoga, kirtan, and aikido.


Our Summer Volunteer Program runs from mid-May until the end of September. This program offers room and board in exchange for helping with daily chores during our Summer Guest Season. You will join the daily life of the monks and residents.

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