A New Here
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We don’t just live on Planet Earth anymore, we live as well in a digitalized-mind-space. So, here is a selection of video content from our teachings.

For Seekers

Playing the Iron Flute

In this short video, Baker Roshi is giving an introduction into the feeling of Zen Practice.

Yogic Wolrdview

Understanding and experiencing yogic thinking

Tatsudo Roshi is giving an introduction into the difference of western thinking and yogic thinking: What exactly is the difference between reality and relationality?

Lectures by Baker Roshi - Impressions from the 90-day Practice Period at CMZC

The art of noticing

Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi

yogic practice

Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi

Zen mind

Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi

The world of senses

Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi

To create a location which locates you

Porträt Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi Zen
Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi

Buddhist monasteries are a communal (cenobitic) form of monasticism, about 2500 years old, and thus probably the oldest, on-going, communal institutions in the world. The settled sites were called ‘arama’, meaning‘pleasant park’. Our own specific tradition of East Asian Zen monasticism is about 1600 years old and a continuation of the basic tradition.

"We don’t just live on Planet Earth anymore, we live as well (as well as we can) in a digitalized-mind-space, digitalized by our digits/by our fingers, on a keyboard, and by our eyes on a screen, and by our free-wheeling minds, and by numbers too, digits in a computer.

In most of ‘befores’, and in my day too, the world was counted on fingers, our days were numbered, and our spaces were located.

But now we have landed, no, we are landing, boarding, a digitalized-mind-space, which is anywhere and everywhere. This is a new kind of location, a new-planet, a new kind of planet-mind, a globalized-mind, a new-residence, a new-habitat on this planet earth, where not only is space extended (all directions become directions); and all time is here too."

- Zentatsu Baker Roshi
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