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About Dharma Sangha
USA, Europe, and Online

Dharma Sangha is an international non-profit Wisdom School, rooted in the Lineage Teachings of the Zen Buddhist Tradition. It was founded by Zentatsu Baker Roshi, the Successor of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. We have two beautiful Centers: The Crestone Mountain Zen Center in Southern Colorado and the Zen Buddhist Center Schwarzwald in Germany. We also offer programs online.

We are currently developing curriculums for Three Paths within Zen Practice: The Monastic Path, with its main location Crestone, Colorado; The Path of the Lay-Adept, with the Center in Germany hosting most programs; and a Secular Path of Ecological and Societal Wisdom, which we are currently implementing on a new Online Platform. We hope to complete the implementation of the Online Platform by the end of this year.

A Path for 'Seekers'

We are open to anyone who is interested in the teachings and practice of Dharma Sangha. We explicitly encourage diversity. We invite you to experience and encounter yourself, as well as others outside of conventional categories, but simply as someone seeking the enactment of wisdom and compassion; a person, as was said in ancient India “with all sky to look upon, girdled by the wind.”

Basic Assumptions and Views

We, the human race, are in the midst of a slow motion earth-wreck, unfolding directly in front of us, all around us, and also within us - and we can't quite get what we ought to do or could do. We need to discover how to face the planetary crisis individually, societally, and generationally.

Dharma Sangha teaching and practice is based on the conviction that personal and societal transformation is possible and that it is necessary. We recognize and are incrementally and consciously engaged in this global transformation, which can only be consequentially engaged or consequentially ignored.

Our teachings and practices are based on the following assumptions, The Four Possibles:
I. Personal and Societal Transformation is possible.

II. Freedom from suffering is possible.
IV. Living in beneficial ways for all is possible.
III. Living in accord with how everything actually exists is possible.

Dharma Sangha centers

Our Zen centers are places for transformative practice. You can visit us as a guest, or participate in seminars, or join the resident community, for a longer period of time.

Crestone Mountain 
Zen Center

Crestone Mountain Zen Center (CMZC) is the Dharma Sangha Center for Monastic Zen Practice and Personal Retreats. It is located in Sangre de Cristo Mountains above the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado.

The insite of the zendo at the zen buddhist monastery Crestone Mountain Zen Center

Zen Buddhistisches Zentrum Schwarzwald

The ZBZS is a Zen Center for lay-adept practice, led by Tatsudo Nicole Baden Roshi. It is located on the southern edge of the Black Forest, close to the French border and the Swiss border. ZBZS is open for long and shorts stays, and to experienced as well as beginning practitioners.

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