Cabins and Private Rooms

Whether for a spiritual retreat, undistracted time for work or writing, or just to be in nature, Refuge Retreat guests can stay in private cabins or rooms and enjoy the beauty and quiet of our area, and the mindful atmosphere of our Center.

Weekly Dharma Talks

"Dharma" means teaching. Every Thursday evening, one of the resident teachers gives a public talk followed by discussion. You are welcome to attend and bring your questions about Zen, Buddhism, or your personal spiritual inquiry.

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A Culinary Zen Experience

Our meals, prepared three times a day from fresh ingredients, express our commitment to care and nourishment. You may eat in in your private quarters, or while enjoying the expansive views from our lawn.

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Yoga and Body Practices

If you have a body practice like Yoga, Chi Kung or Tai Chi, our Dome is a perfect space for that. Originally conceived as an interfaith sanctuary, it is now open throughout the day for our retreatants to use for any personal practices our meditation hall cannot accommodate.

Hiking in the Area

The Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range has stunning hikes with very little traffic. There is first-class hiking all around the center with trails starting right at the campus. You can take a shorter walk on one of our campus meditation trails.

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It was a total "WOW" experience with Crestone Mountain Zen Center. You know it when you are eating food prepared with loving kindness and care! Definitely will stay there again next time I go for a retreat in the area, if I book early enough.


Crestone is spectacular and the retreat center's campus no less so. The place is rightly known for being "foodie"... they have staff that trace back to Greens Restaurant, Chez Panisse, Deborah Madison.


Not a Buddhist, per se, I came to the Crestone Mountain Zen Center for the Zazen sessions, hoping to improve my own practice of meditation. The sessions were perfect, formal and disciplined, but not too demanding, just right for novices. But I was even more impressed by the kindness and hospitality shown by everyone and by being so graciously waited upon and attended to. The food was great. The accommodations were comfortable and thoughtfully appointed. I would recommend CMZC just as a great resort, very tranquil and contemplative, and economical.


Crestone is a magical place. I went there expecting to enjoy the natural beauty of the Colorado mountains and deepen my meditation practice while doing a little hiking to recover from a serious back injury. Crestone exceeded every one of my expectations. I highly recommend the Zen Center if you are looking for a either a deep spiritual experience or phenomenal physical workouts.


I spent four magical days there in a perfect cabin situated close to the beautiful Zendo. The energy on campus felt still and timeless. The monks are friendly, down-to-earth, funny, enjoyable people and terrific cooks! A perfectly sublime place to simply "be."


I returned to the Zen Center for the second time and it was every bit as amazing an experience as I remembered! The food, as so many have mentioned, is absolutely delicious. The staff were friendly and accommodating, and the Zendo is magical. In short, you couldn't find a more perfect spot for contemplation, meditation, or just hanging out in Crestone. Can't wait to return!


My yurt stay exceeded expectations. Super clean and quiet. The staff was so welcoming; very warm energy, and the food was amazing. Crestone Mountain Zen Center offered a lovely retreat space. I hope to return again in the future.


I loved my stay at CMZC! It's a great place to go for quiet time. I went on a individual retreat and was able to connect back into myself and my rhythms. The dome on the property is great for meditation or yoga. Hiking trails all around and a beautiful creek. For day trips, hot springs and sand dunes are a short drive away.


I'll be back not just for the delicious and healthy food, but also for Spanish Creek and the hummingbirds who bathe there about 7 am in August. I want to look west again, too, and watch the sunlight as it filters through the air onto the Crestone valley floor, then settles behind the San Juan Mountains forty miles away.


Your grounds are beautiful and the food all week was absolutely amazing (we thought we would miss meat but we still haven't had any).

Addie and Derrick


Whether you are planning a personal retreat in the wilderness, a silent meditation retreat, or a writer’s retreat, we offer a variety of accommodations. They vary in size, furnishings, amenities, and proximity to other buildings. All accommodations except the yurt and the campground have high speed wireless internet. Campers have access to the internet in the Main House.

Edge Cabin

From the Edge Cabin’s secluded porch above the canyon, you’re within the immense Valley; the Forest branches; the Peaks' presence. The Cabin has a kitchenette; a toilet, tub, and shower; a desk; internet; a queen bed; yoga and meditation space; comfortable chairs.

Guest House

The Guest House is a spacious building with a quiet atmosphere in the center of the campus. The five private Guest House rooms are the largest accommodations we offer.

Hillside Cabin

The Hillside Cabin is a guest favorite. It is located on the west side of the campus overlooking the San Luis Valley. Perks include a full bathroom and kitchenette.

Young Pine Hut

The Young Pine Hut is a cozy rustic two-story log cabin for one person. Upstairs is a sitting area with a low desk. From there a ladder leads to the bed on the lower floor.

Studio Rooms

The Studio, formerly the work space of a resident potter, was recently remodeled. It has three single rooms, each furnished with a desk, tea station and wardrobe.

Skylight Room

The Skylight Room is a spacious room with a separate entrance in the center of campus. It has a queen bed and features a large skylight with a handmade shoji screen.

Studio Corner Room

The quaint Corner Room is tucked into a log extension of the Studio, which was recently remodeled. A former resident and woodworker built custom furnishings for this space.


The Yurt is located on the outskirts of our campus with views of the local 14er peaks. It has comfortable beds for one or two persons, a deck, bookshelves, and a skylight.

Platform Tent

The Platform Tent has room for one or two persons. It has a deck, two single beds, tables, bookshelf, canvas shelves, and hooks for clothing – and great views of the local 14ers.


The campground is located in a beautiful flat sandy area. There are 10 campsites tucked into the piñon-juniper forest. Bathrooms are a 3-minute walk away.

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