Edge Cabin

The Edge Cabin is our newest and most spacious private cabin.

On the edge of the forest; on the edge of a canyon; on the edge of the sky between the five billion year old Crestone Peaks and the San Luis Valley (the size of Massachusetts) – which for three million years was a lake.  The primordiality of Earth is present, touchable, from this little cabin and from Crestone Mountain Zen Center.  

Awakening depths!  Dissolving!  Disappearing!  Re-appearing!  

From the Edge Cabin’s secluded porch you’re within the immense Valley; the Forest branches; the Peaks' presence.

The Cabin has a kitchenette; a toilet, tub, and shower; a desk; internet; a queen bed; yoga and meditation space; comfortable chairs.  

A home, a shelter, a sanctum, in the midst of shareable vastness.  Step back!  Step into!  Step with!  Within!

2024 Personal Retreat Pricing

Prices per day including three vegetarian meals and WiFi.  The Guest House has two large bathrooms (Men's and Women's) that are shared.

$220 (single), $280 (double); 4 - 13 nights
$210 (single), $270 (double); 14 - 29 nights
$200 (single), $260 (double); 30+ nights
$190 (single), $250 (double); 60+ nights

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