Skylight Room

The Skylight Room is a spacious room with a separate entrance in the center of campus. It has a queen bed and features a large skylight with a handmade shoji screen.

The Skylight Room is a simple yet spacious room in the center of campus. The private entrance opens into a mudroom that has a closet and a large window overlooking the campus. In the main room, there is a large skylight that has a handmade shoji screen, a queen bed, desk, closet, and tea station.  The Skylight room includes a small refrigerator and microwave.

The Skylight Room can accommodate one or two people. It has a private bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower.

2024 Personal Retreat Pricing

Prices per day including three vegetarian meals and WiFi.

$170 (single), $230 (double); 4 - 13 nights
$160 (single), $220 (double); 14 - 29 nights
$150 (single), $210 (double); 30+ nights
$140 (single), $200 (double); 60+ nights

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