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Weekly Zen Talks by Baker Roshi

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Zentatsu Richard Baker Roshi

We are happy to announce that Baker Roshi started to teach again on a weekly basis, as apart of his ongoing “Weekly Zen” series of lectures. Every Sunday he will offer a journey from culture and art through the use of language to the heart of ZenBuddhism.

How will Weekly Zen work?

Zen is a face-to-face, oral teaching, which is bodily discovered and practiced, and emotionally and ethically realized. How will this work on‘ZoomZen’ – no one knows! The Historical Buddha’s Disciples were called‘Listeners‘, ‘Hearers‘. If you want to practice Zen, the Practice, your practice, begins with how you sit and listen, how you are present within theHearing. It's better, even required (for real practice), that you don’t do other things during the Weekly Zen Talk! It’s best if you can discover a bodily presence during the talk, within the 'hearing'.

Basically, Weekly Zen is conceived as a way to spend practice-time together – with each other and with the teachings. We hope you will enjoy!

What is Weekly Zen about?

In these Lectures Baker Roshi will unfold and keep re-combining three fundamental aspects of realizational Zen Practice:

We will feel into, see through, and open up the ways we view the world.Our worldviews shape our experience in exclusive ways. As practitioners, we want to be able to intentionally and ethically question and choose our views. Secondly,Baker Roshi will outline the craft of realizational practice.Practice unfolds in the details of our experience. It depends on what we notice and how. The potentiality of awakening, too, is rooted in noticing. Thirdly, at the center of Zen practice is the discovered stillness of seated meditation (zazen). Stillness will become the inner home for the practitioner, a generative field, and always a new beginning. These three aspects: Stillness, Craft, and Worldviews, will form paths into an experience of the world significantly different from our own. The Seeker (orPractitioner) opens, walks, and lives these paths.  

A few words from Baker Roshi about this series of lectures:

Hello, my name is Richard Baker, Zentatsu Myoyu.

I am sharing teachings with you that I have received from my Teacher, Suzuki Shunryu Roshi. I met him in 1961. I saw he was the most wise, realized, and evolved person I had ever met, and I decided to commit my life to realizing what he was about, to living my life with and for him, and to helping him in any way I could during his life – and then to continuing his life and my life through his Lineage Teachings. Everything I maybe able to share is arising from my Zen Practice with him. Let’s find out what this Zen Practice is about and how it can be about you!

-       Zentatsu Richard Baker

The talks are happening every Sunday at 10 AM (MDT) / 9 AM(PDT) / 12 PM (EDT) / 6 PM (CET).

To receive the Zoom link, please sign up for our Weekly Zen Newsletter on weekly-zen.bakerroshi.com

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