Zen Programs


Events listed with a 🖥 symbol indicate that an online participation option is offered.


🖥 Rohatsu Sesshin

November 30, 2020 Unlimited tickets
Sesshin means to gather the mind. Sesshin is a traditional seven-day meditation intensive. It includes sitting and walking meditation, oryoki meals, daily Dharma talks, and private interviews with the teacher. Each year we hold two traditional seven-day Sesshins at Crestone...

🖥 New Year’s Seminar

December 28, 2020 Unlimited tickets
New Year’s Seminar The topic of the seminar will be developed through dharma talks, question and answer, and open dialogue. On New Year’s Eve, we will have a festive dinner and a dance party, followed by Zazen and 108 bells...

🖥 Practice Period 2021

January 9, 2021 Unlimited tickets
At Crestone Mountain Zen Center we continue the monastic tradition of the 90-day Practice Period. During the Practice Period residents and students are engaged in a rigorous daily schedule of Zazen, oryoki meals, lectures, study, and ceremony. All Practice Period...